Bioinformatics Hackathon'2023
Yerevan, Armenia | 11–13 August


Bioinformatics Hackathon'2023 is an exciting hackathon that brings together teams of biologists and programmers to solve real challenges in biological data analysis collaboratively. With a tight timeframe of 48 hours, participants are poised to engage in rapid innovation, problem-solving, and having fun!
We welcome biologists, medical doctors, analysts, programmers, and mathematicians with a keen interest in bioinformatics and biostatistics! Participation in Bioinformatics Hackathon is determined through a competitive selection process.
  • Prior experience in project work in tech, bioinformatics, or biostatistics is preferred.
  • Enrolled in senior undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate courses in computer science, biology, medicine, or physics.
  • For biologists and medical doctors: basic experience in statistics and medical data analysis.
  • In the motivation letter, highlight relevant experience, additional courses/training, scientific work, and achievements.

  • Project topics should be from bioinformatics and biostatistics-related fields.
  • Each team, ideally, will have both biologists and programmers so knowledge from both areas should be needed to solve the problem.
  • The project must have an articulated goal and clear completion conditions so that the team can complete the project within the specified time frame.
  • The project should have a leader who will present the task at the opening of the hackathon (1-2 minute presentation of the project) and be able to supervise the work of the participants, preferably throughout the entire event.
  • Popularizing IT technologies in life science
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary communication among specialists in technical and biological fields
  • Developing a vibrant bioinformatics community
  • Facilitating the creation of innovative ideas, IT, and biostatistics solutions in biology and medicine

  • The hackathon spans 48 hours, starting on Friday evening and ending on Sunday.
  • Teams are composed of 4 to 6 individuals, fostering collaboration and diversity of skills.
  • The organizers provide round-the-clock access to the hackathon site and coffee breaks throughout the event.
  • You will have the option to select a project from the list provided by the organizers, or alternatively, you can submit your own project idea.

All participants will receive memorable gifts from the organizers. According to the results of expert voting, the three best team projects will share the prize fund.
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Who can register for the hackathon and how?
We invite students, PhD students, and specialists in the field of biology, medicine, biostatistics, and bioinformatics – anyone who is not afraid of challenges and is ready to develop a project within 48 hours! Please fill out an application form for registration. If you already have a team, each member of your team should fill out and individual application.

Registration deadline: June 15, 21:00 (GMT+4).
Will everyone who applied be able to participate in the hackathon?
No, the organizers will select the participants. The motivation letter plays a crucial role, so please pay attention to it!
Publication of the final list of participants: July 1.
What should be included in the motivation letter?
In your motivation letter, please write about your motivation, current work, skills, projects, etc. - anything that will help the organizers in making a favorable decision about your participation!
Can I participate in the hackathon with my team?
Yes, but each team member should apply individually and list the team members in their application.

Note: The project leader cannot be a part of your team!
Can I submit a project? Can I submit more than one project?
Yes, you can submit your project or projects until June 15, if it or significant part of it can realistically be completed within 48 hours.
You can submit your project or projects until June 15.
What types of projects will be accepted?
The organizers will select bioinformatics and biostatistics projects with a detailed description of the goals and objectives, realistic expectations from team members (biologists, doctors, and programmers), and the ability to be completed within 48 hours with a designated leader to supervise the work.

Detailed projects requirements
What do the organizers provide for the participants?
Participation is free of charge. The organizers offer several amenities to participants, including round-the-clock access to the venue with Wi-Fi, dinner on August 11th, lunches on August 12th and 13th, as well as a dedicated coffee point throughout the event.

However, it's important to note that the organizers do not cover expenses such as hotel accommodation, meals outside the specified times, or flights.

  • IBRE is an early-stage international startup that aims to connect researchers, students, and professionals in the field of bioinformatics. The IBRE team has a successful track record, previously founding and developing for 10 years the renowned Bioinformatics Institute, and launching many educational programs and events in the field.

  • BostonGene Corporation is pioneering the use of biomedical software for advanced patient analysis and personalized therapy decision making in the fight against cancer. BostonGene’s unique solution performs sophisticated analytics to aid clinicians in their evaluation of viable treatment options for each patient's individual genetics, tumor and tumor microenvironment, clinical characteristics and disease profile. BostonGene’s mission is to enable physicians to provide every patient with the highest probability of survival through optimal cancer treatments using advanced, personalized therapies
  • EPAM leads the industry in digital platform engineering and product development services. With 57,450+ professionals in over 50 countries, EPAM landed in Armenia about nine years ago, and today it is a team of 900+ innovators creating complex solutions that impact businesses and communities worldwide. 
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